Vintage Quilt Revival QAL Week 6

Mayflower block

For the past several weeks Ive been cruising along, riding the foundation paper piecing love train. That was until this week. Im still a fan but man, the Crosspatch block was a serious pain! Im not entirely sure why but, trying to get those seams to match up was nearly impossible and took some working [...]

Vintage Quilt Revival QAL Week 5

Red Cross

After getting over the initial fear of foundation paper piecing, I dove into this week’s blocks without any fear. I was actually excited to see just how easily these complicated looking blocks would come together. This week’s blocks were the Red Cross and Rolling Squares blocks. I gave up trying to stick with my original [...]

Vintage Quilt Revival QAL Week 4


So this week’s blocks threw me for a real loop. I had no clue how to do foundation paper piecing (FPP) and it really freaked me out. All those tiny pieces, super precise seams which Im a total stranger to and how the heck do you use paper in all of this? Yah, it was [...]

Vintage Quilt Revival QAL Week 3

2014-02-08 12.16.25 HDR

Its been a crazy busy week around my house. Everything has fallen behind because of Snowpocalypse 2014 here in Atlanta. When the kids are home, all bets are off for getting things done. And, dont even get me started on trying to keep an 11 year old boy and 4 year old girl entertained. Talk [...]

Vintage Quilt Revival QAL Week 2

Classic Mosaic No 19

After jumping back into sewing after a long break with the first two blocks, I was excited to get to work on this weeks blocks. It was great to accomplish something finally and it really motivated me to get to work on the next two. This weeks are the Mosaic No. 19 and Diamond Panes [...]

Vintage Quilt Revival QAL Week 1

Classic Tea Leaf

For Christmas I bought myself the only gift I really wanted, a really awesome and gorgeously photographed book, “Vintage Quilt Revival” by Katie Clark Blakesley, Lee Heinrich and Faith Jones. Just as I was trying to decide which quilt I wanted to make, Sukie of Sukie Dont ya Know? announced a quilt along making all [...]

AMQG Fall Retreat


A weekend away from the daily grind with my friends from my guild? Yes please! The Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild had its fall retreat 2 hours away in the mountains where all we had to do was eat, sleep, talk and sew. It was awesome! At past retreats I spent way more time talking than [...]

Work in Progress Wednesday #7


This week I managed to sandwich and quilt my mini quilt. I know, I know, not much done but when youre only sewing for an hour here and there during naptimes, thats pretty good for me! Here’s the last peek at my mini (still only peeks until its finished because I dont want to totally [...]

Work in Progress Wednesday #6


You may recognize this little number from last weeks WIP post. Unfortunately it hasnt moved from its place since I finished it because has messed up my order not once but twice. Of course this has to do with the dreaded minky my son requested, they apparently really want me to have dimple dot [...]

May Blocks for do.good Stitches


For May, Jessica chose for us to do a stripe quilt, specifically for a boy with the colors of green, orange, yellow and grey. We could choose to make them however we wanted as long as they were vertical or horizontal. I loved the challenge, it left the possibilities wide open to do almost anything [...]