Quilting 101 – My First Quilt

When I bought my sewing machine one of the specifications I had was for it to be able to do basic quilting. I had never done any quilting and didn’t know anyone who had but I wanted to try it. Fast forward a year and a half to when I come across a pattern I thought I might be able to attempt on Made By Rae’s blog, called The Storytime Squares Quilt. I immediately knew which fabric I would use, Sweet Tooth by Anthology Fabrics in the Candy Shop colorway. Unfortunately, it was a discontinued line so I had to search everywhere to find the entire colorway. I immediately got to work cutting the fabric but I was very nervous, I hadn’t used a rotary cutter much and the idea of cutting the fabric wrong without being able to get more stuck in my mind. I finally got over my fear of cutting and got to sewing. Here’s the center block: More to come soon!


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