Felt crayon roll

We decided to take a family vacation to my hometown in Wyoming this summer over the 4th of July which sounds great until I get to the part where I tell you we’re flying with a 2 year old. The closer we get to V day, the more scared I get. So, rather than sitting around paralyzed by fear I have started buying little toys and things to keep her busy during the flight. Ive seen all kinds of cute crayon rolls out there but most have been made with cotton which I could see being all marked up with crayon in only a few seconds flat. Then, I came across this nifty crayon roll. Its made from wool felt with cute pinked edges and ribbon. Since Miss M is big into coloring now, this is perfect for her. I ordered my wool felt and it arrived in no time. Since Miss M is using the large sized crayons, I made the spaces a bit larger so they would fit better. But when she upgrades to the smaller ones, I can just double up and put two in a slot and it will work just as well.
Despite my less than stellar pinking job, the crayon roll was easy to make and Miss M is pretty thrilled with it. Win, win. Now if only our flights are this easy!

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