AMQG Fall Retreat

A weekend away from the daily grind with my friends from my guild? Yes please! The Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild had its fall retreat 2 hours away in the mountains where all we had to do was eat, sleep, talk and sew. It was awesome!


At past retreats I spent way more time talking than sewing but this time I was on a mission. I wanted to get my son’s quilt (yes, the one Ive been working on forever) sandwiched and quilted. So, I brought my earphones and got to work.


I got the quilt sandwiched the first night we were there. Being segregated to a distant room motivated me to hurry and get it done even though I was placing a pin every inch or so thanks to the minky back.


I spent the rest of the weekend quilting that monster. I didnt want a quilting pattern that would distract from the squares in the quilt but wanted to soften it up a little. I decided to do an irregular square-ish pattern from top to bottom. I really love the way it turned out but man, wrestling that heavy quilt all weekend was tough!


All done!


Some more good times: Coffee with the ladies


LCR dice game

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